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LTE-B Alliance formed

28 April 2016
LTE-B Alliance formed

EE, Verizon, Telstra and kt have joined forces to form the LTE-B Alliance.

The mobile network operators plan to develop an ecosystem around LTE-Broadcast (LTE-B).

The alliance’s primary objective will be to see that every top- and mid- tier device launched throughout 2017 will support LTE Broadcast.

The four companies, which host over 200 million mobile subscribers between them, will also encourage new business models.

“Initially we focused our LTE-B efforts on the benefits for live and linear video, and we will launch a live service in 2017,” said Matt Stagg, head of video strategy at EE.

“Now, as part of the LTE-B Alliance, we’ll be focused on developing use cases for critical communications services, Internet of Things, and a 5G future.

“The Alliance will provide awareness of the importance of this technology, and ensure that the benefits can be realised as soon as possible.”

LTE-B allows mobile operators to send a single stream of data to all mobile users in one area, rather than sending an individual stream to each user.

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