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Low cost lights show LED’s advance

12 July 2011

Holdan UK has introduced two new on-camera LED lights from Datavision that are higher performing and lower priced than the "extremely popular" low-cost units they replace, writes David Fox.

The new Datavision 850 Lumens LED-130 (£99) and 1050 Lumens LED-170 (£129) improve markedly on their forerunners. Light output is increased by 60% and 100% respectively, despite retaining the same light weight (237g) and small size (150x70x160mm).

However, the enhanced performance has come at the expense of additional power requirement – demanding an extra 2% and 4% respectively. The LED-130 draws a mere 7.8W and the LED-170 draws 10W.

"The outstanding brightness of the LED-130 at and of the LED-170 is down to a combination of using the latest generation of bulbs with improved electronics management," explained Richard Payne, Holdan’s technical specialist. "LED products are proving so popular and the technology is evolving so quickly, that these new units are actually lower priced than earlier models."

The units run from six AA batteries, offer dimming control between 5% – 100%, and a battery level indicator – they can also be powered by various Sony, Panasonic, Canon and Nikon batteries. The colour temperature of the lights is 5400K, but they can also output 3200K using a tungsten filter (included – as is a diffuser and magenta filter).

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