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The Look invests in second Pablo Rio

14 January 2015
The Look post

Soho-based post facility The Look has purchased a second Quantel Pablo Rio 4K colour and finishing system, which will operate alongside the facility’s existing Pablo Rio 4K and Pablo systems. In 2014, the facility worked on over 40 cinema trailers, eight feature films, a BBC drama, and commercials for brands such as Hiscox and Google.

The Look handles the conform, grading, vfx, finishing, online fixes and finally, the playouts, and claims to have “the best facilities available in this industry.”

“The Quantel Pablo Rio is still the most powerful all-rounder available,” commented The Look’s owner and senior colourist Thomas Urbye. “It has an excellent grading toolset and panel, and also an advanced, easy to use multi-layer timeline, support for Avid effects and ProRes and DCP exports. It’s the fastest most interactive system for an operator to use when client attended, especially with its huge GPU horsepower. Most importantly, we have no need to go into another system to deliver a film or drama.”

Quantel sales director, Martin Mulligan, added, “The Look has established a reputation worldwide for the supreme quality of its work, so we are delighted that the facility has once again chosen to invest in Quantel as it looks ahead to a busy and successful 2015.”

Pablo Rio runs on PC hardware and exploits NVIDIA Maximus multi-GPU technology, delivering real-time performance at 4K 60p. Pablo Rio is available as software only and as a range of Quantel-backed turnkey systems.

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