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London Studios completes tapeless workflow

22 August 2011
London Studios completes tapeless workflow

The London Studios has installed an Omneon MediaGrid storage system from Harmonic, to enable a tapeless workflow of media from its studios into post production. By providing secure, scalable media storage and robust bandwidth, the MediaGrid eliminates the reliance on tape and enables a much more efficient workflow between two key business areas.

Programming recorded onto EVS servers in the studios is now transferred to the Omneon MediaGrid, which provides 700 hours of HD storage and also creates browse resolution proxies. Editors working on Avid can access the low resolution version for offline editing and the high resolution version for the conform. Once a show has been edited it is pushed back into the MediaGrid for storage.
 “We have found that our clients are very keen to take advantage of the tapeless workflow supported by the Omneon MediaGrid,” said Chris Cook, director of engineering support at The London Studios. “In addition to a faster and more elegant workflow, it is also a cost and time saving model.
 “We have cut out the expense of buying HD tape and running tape decks, replacing them with file-based storage that we can expand easily without disrupting operations,” Cook added. “We have been proposing this model for some time, and Harmonic provided the missing link.” 

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