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LNK Lithuania speeds into the HD era

12 January 2012
LNK Lithuania speeds into the HD era

The final show of dance series Kvieciu Sokti, transmitted on 31 December 2011, was the subject of the first nationwide HD broadcast of a homegrown Lithuanian show, writes David Davies.

AB Lithuanian Radio and Television Centre transmitted the show in HD over a DVB-T network. The programme was not scrambled and was accessible to viewers across the country, free of charge.

Ricardas Kazlauskas, Technical Director of Lithuanian broadcaster LNK, explained: “It was a New Year’s gift to our loyal television audience. While enjoying the broadcast view, which was superior to the old one, they had a chance to assess future digital terrestrial television. And we tested and assessed our possibilities. This experience is important because we are considering when we will be able to broadcast the entire LNK [schedule] in HD.”

While AB Lithuanian Radio and Television Centre/Telecentras has transmitted previous shows in HD, this project marked the first occasion on which a homegrown Lithuanian programme had been broadcast in HD.

“We are happy to have contributed to the broadcasting of the first Lithuanian HD TV programme. We congratulate [the] LNK team which took [an historic] step forward, and we hope that after this event Lithuanian people will have more and more opportunities to enjoy HD technologies,” said the maintenance director of the Telecentras, Vilius Zlotkus.

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