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LiveU uplink devices on show

17 January 2013
LiveU uplink devices on show

Garland Partners will showcase LiveU’s LU40-S uplink device, which incorporates the company’s internal antenna for additional resiliency in areas of poor cellular coverage. The LU40-S offers low latency for interview-mode; local storage store and forward; file transfer (FTP); video and audio indicators; under one minute boot-up time; and the ability to control the unit from its touch screen, the server or from any web-enabled device. The antenna and modems support cellular and Wi-Fi frequencies including 4G LTE, ensuring enhanced signal performance with long-range reception and increased uplink capability. LiveU’s LU70 cellular-based live video uplink solution offers second-generation internal and external antenna arrays, providing satellite-like resiliency on the move and in heavily crowded locations. The LU70 backpack bonds up to 14 3G/4G LTE, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and LAN network connections simultaneously, supporting the growing range of cellular network bands worldwide. LiveU’s new external antenna, the LiveU Xtender, which increases network reception and provides additional resiliency for live video transmission in extreme scenarios will also be on show. The LiveU Xtender adds six additional network connections to LiveU’s LU70 backpack and covers all current 3G/4G LTE cellular network bands worldwide. The combined LU70 and Xtender solution supports up to 13 cellular modems with enhanced RF coverage. The LiveU Xtender can be remotely located or vehicle-mounted, creating a mobile newsgathering (MNG) vehicle with satellite-like reliability, faster set-up time and lower overheads than traditional SNG trucks. Garland Partners will also highlight LiveU’s video portfolio that offers customers an end-to-end transmission solution, adding laptop and mobile apps to its LU70 backpack and handheld LU40 uplink solutions.E33

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