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Livestream releases Google Glass app

21 April 2014
Google Glass app from Livestream

At this month’s NAB convention in Las Vegas, video streaming company Livestream released a developer app allowing users to broadcast live from Google Glass.

The app allows users to send video from their Google Glass camera to Livestream’s Platform with a single tap. The Livestream Glass app enables users to view real-time chat messages from audiences online and respond to chat via voice.

The new Glass app can also be used as a HD wireless camera input for multi-camera live event coverage, using Studio, Livestream’s live production switcher software and hardware. The output from Glass can also be displayed in HD on screens in venues, stadiums while also being streamed to the web.

“Imagine incorporating the vantage point of a professional football player in action or a singer at a live concert into a high end live TV production,” said Corey Behnke, Livestream’s head of global productions and services. “We believe that with Livestream Glass, we can disrupt the way audiences and creators produce live events.”

The Google Glass app joins Livestream’s other live streaming apps for Android, iPhone and iPad, Livestream. To app installer can be downloaded from the Livestream site.

“The possibilities of Livestream for Glass are endless. From a reporter covering a protest, to an athlete competing in a sports arena, we believe that Glass will be instrumental in democratising the future of live video streaming,” said Livestream CEO and co-founder, Max Haot.

Livestream is headquartered in New York with offices in Los Angeles, London, Ukraine and India.

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