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Live rugby is Elemental for TF1

15 November 2011
Live rugby is Elemental for TF1

France’s TF1 Group is using Elemental Live video processing to help deliver live and catch-up content for its multi-platform MyTF1, writes Adrian Pennington.

Recently, TF1 used Elemental Live for live capture and delivery of Rugby World Cup matches to its online audience in France.

To deliver the rugby, TF1 formatted an incoming SDI feed into separate outputs for six different service providers across France.

Each service provider required outputs with unique settings for optimal playback through end users’ set-top boxes. Elemental Live was able to prepare all the IPTV content to meet the streaming requirements of each ISP from a single platform.

“In our evaluation, Eurosport and e-TF1 immediately recognized the speed and performance advantage available with solutions from Elemental,” said Philippe Petitpont, project manager for the TF1 Group.

“With the deployment of Elemental Live in TF1 SA, Elemental is now a major player for TF1 Group’s streaming and catch-up services.”

TF1 is now using Elemental Live to create all the content delivered through MyTF1 portals.

MyTF1 is accessible through mobile applications (such as the one pictured above left for the iPhone), IPTV services and multiple websites.

Pan American Games

Elemental Live was also used recently to provide multi-screen coverage of Latin America’s largest sporting event, the Pan American Games in Mexico, and was used by Terra, Latin America’s largest provider of Internet services.

“In comparative testing, Elemental Live was the clear leader, offering a lower cost per stream with higher quality encoding than competing solutions,” said Werner Michels, engineering director of Terra.

“With Elemental Live, we’re able to create more streams per source in a smaller and more reliable footprint, allowing us to extend our reach to more devices and to a larger audience than ever before.”

To deliver online and connected device coverage of the games, Terra directed incoming HD and SD fibre and satellite feeds into Elemental Live for video processing. The density available with Elemental Live allowed it to output six HD and 12 SD adaptive bit rate streams simultaneously for streaming to web and tablet devices as well as smartphones.

In addition, Elemental Live let Terra perform video overlay to enable on-the-fly image insertion into outgoing video streams, for branding and other supplementary images into video targeted to web and mobile platforms in real time.


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