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Live concert broadcast to multi-screens

6 June 2011
Live concert broadcast to multi-screens

A concert by Spanish hip hop artists Violadores del Verso will be broadcast live to cinemas, TV and over the internet on June 10 from Zaragoza. Dubbed ‘5’, the ambitious project has been assembled by broadcasters Radio and TV Corporation of Aragón (CARTV) and Catalonia TV3 with the support of Aragón Telecom, Abertis Telecom, the Aragón Institute of Technology and the Universities of Zaragoza and Madrid plus Sony and Christie. The 3D production is being organised by the Portuguese outfit Medialuso with Spanish 3D specialists Kronomav. Eight stereo positions using Kronomav rigs will be used with a ninth wide angle view from the stadium’s roof converted from 2D. A variety of cameras will be used including a Panasonic integrated 3D camcorder and a polycamera. A signal will be provided via HISPASAT satellite to participating cinemas and will be available for anaglyph and 2D viewing at 2D and 3D feeds will be aired on Spanish TV stations including TV3. According to Paulí Subirà, the Image & Artistic Services Director at TV3, Project 5 is just another step in TV3’s commitment to 3D. “TV3 started working with 3D in 2009 with the recording of the play Llits in the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya with regular stereo transmissions beginning in 2010. Since May, every Saturday the TV3HD channel broadcasts a 3D strip for about two hours. We were the first television in Spain to broadcast in this format, and the first to do so regularly“Everything we’ve done has been thanks to contributions from Sony as a partner and some productions are co-productions done with producers such as Ovide, Apuntolapospo, Kronomav, Out Side Broadcast, Medialuso.

 “Since 2010, TV3 has delivered some converted content (such as Pirineus des de l’aire and the travel programme Km33). But mostly we issued original 3D content.”
 TV3 produced and broadcast the Champions League Final 2010 at the Santiago Bernabeu and co-produced the 2011 semi-final of the Champions League in Madrid, between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.
 “We continue with the technical testing of GoPro cameras, SLR cameras and new stereo cameras and we are preparing some possible events to be recorded and broadcast live in 3D,” added Subirà.

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