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Live broadcasting gets resiliency boost

13 July 2012
Live broadcasting gets resiliency boost

LiveU will be presenting its expanded range of live video uplink solutions for global broadcasters, news agencies and online media at IBC.

The company’s highlights at the show will include a demo by LiveU and Panasonic of their next-generation, integrated live camera solution, utilising the LU40i video uplink device and the new Panasonic AJ-HPX600 P2 camcorder.

LiveU adds that the complete camcorder transmission system provides a high-quality video feed with simple remote operation.

The company will also present its new LU70 mobile uplink unit with its second-generation internal and new external antenna arrays. Boosted by its remotely located antennas, the LU70 backpack supports up to 14 cellular links simultaneously, offering extra-strong resiliency in built-up, crowded areas and on-the-move.

Finally, LiveU will also have the latest developments of its compact, lightweight HD/SD video uplink solution in Amsterdam. Since its launch at IBC2011, the LU40i has transmitted live video from some of the highest-profile sports, music, and tech events, including the Super Bowl, NBA (All-Star Weekend and Finals) and the GRAMMY Awards. – Anne Morris

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