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Live all the way

12 March 2013
Live all the way

Known for its portable HD video-over-cellular solutions, LiveU will demonstrate its complete range of bonded 3G/4G uplink solutions for broadcast and online media, offering a one-stop-shop for live news, sports and event coverage. Based on the fourth-generation of LiveU’s disruptive technology, the portfolio includes a wide choice of devices to meet customers’ different needs: • Professional-grade LU70 backpack, with its proprietary internal and external antenna arrays for extra-strong resiliency and sub-second latency • Handheld, lightweight LU40 device, weighing less than 1.5 pounds (700 grams), with its internal antenna and new live newsgathering features • LU-Smart mobile app (iPhone/iPad) solutions, bringing bonded transmission to mobile phones and tablets • LU-Lite laptop solution, enabling fast and reliable file transfer and live video via the laptop • LiveU Xtender external antenna for extra-strong resiliency in extreme scenarios All LiveU products are incorporated into the LiveU ecosystem by LiveU’s unified management platform, LiveU Total, enabling control rooms to manage multiple video feeds from LiveU units operating in diverse locations. LiveU and Panasonic will also showcase its fully integrated live camera solution, the LiveU-enabled Panasonic AG-HPX600 camcorder, on their respective booths. SU5511

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