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LipSync makes big investment

17 June 2010
LipSync makes big investment

In an all-too rare positive story from Soho at the moment, LipSync Post has invested £400k in a range of new equipment and major upgrades for its audio, VFX and DI departments.

Jon Diamond, managing director for the LipSync Group of Companies, said: “Thanks to our talented post production teams we are welcoming both returning clients and new business to LipSync, and have a very healthy roster of current and future film and television work even in these gloomy times. This investment underlines our commitment to remain at the forefront of the UK post market.”

In the audio department, LipSync has upgraded all its Avid Pro Tools systems to version 8, and has installed new HD projectors in each of its mixing theatres in order to give clients better quality pictures to go with their sound edit.

The in-demand VFX department is now equipped with 20 Nuke licences for all its 2D compositing work, and has also expanded its render farm by 30%. In addition it has installed a new hi-res projector in its dedicated VFX screening room.

Finally, the DI department also benefits from 3D software which is now available on its three suites – two Quantel Pablo systems and one Quantel iQ system – and a JVC 3D monitor has been installed. LipSync is seeing a marked upsurge in 3D interest, with two projects completed and formal discussions progressing on several new 3D productions.

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