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LipSync acquires FilmLight’s Baselight

5 November 2012
LipSync acquires FilmLight’s Baselight

LipSync Post, the London-based post production facility, has purchased two Baselight colour-grading systems from FilmLight. When fully operational by year’s end the Baselight systems will serve as the facility’s primary grading tools, enabling LipSync to offer a total of five grading suites that can work flexibly to suit client requirements. Along with its grading toolkit, Baselight offers LipSync Post the ability to work natively with all digital cinema camera formats and an improved ability to integrate with other post production departments, notably editorial and visual effects. “We’ve been fans of Baselight for a long time and are particularly impressed with its flexibility and grading tools,” said James Clarke, head of DI for LipSync Post. “Many of our clients have been asking to work on Baselight. The system has a great reputation.” LipSync provides post services for television series including Birdsong, Leonardo and The Churchills, as well as the forthcoming Stephen Poliakoff drama series Dancing on the

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