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Linear Acoustic to support NBC at Rio 2016

19 April 2016
Linear Acoustic to support NBC at Rio 2016

Linear Acoustic will support NBC’s Olympic coverage in Rio this summer.

The company will provide audio upmixing and technical support, including the delivery of over 40 Upmax V4 units and remote controls, as well as MT2000 Multichannel Bitstream Analysers.

Tim Carroll, founder of Linear Acoustic and CTO of the Telos Alliance, said, “Linear Acoustic has been part of delivering engaging 5.1-channel surround experiences to NBC’s viewers of the Olympics since the Beijing Games in 2008, and we are excited to be a part of that experience again in Rio de Janeiro.”

“NBC is fortunate to have Linear Acoustic in our corner for the Rio 2016 Games, said Karl Malone, director of sound design at NBC.

The news follows last week’s announcement that Ericsson will also be supporting the NBC coverage.

“We have a long relationship which is borne out of a mutual desire to give the listener the most engaging sound experience possible for the biggest 5.1 surround sound sporting events in the world.

“Linear Acoustic has always worked with NBC to help advance our surround sound capabilities, forecast what we will want to see in the future, and actively listen to what the producers of high quality TV audio want.



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