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Lightweight co-ax eases burden on OBs

10 September 2012
Lightweight co-ax eases burden on OBs

Gepco has a new lightweight co-axial cable designed principally for OB trucks, which could save OB operators as much as one tonne per vehicle.

“In a typical OB van there will be about 100,000 metres of cable, and this weighs about 40% less than normal. It saves you about 1,000kg in a standard truck,” said Jeff Peters, Gepco director of business development, EMEA.

“Weight is one of the biggest problems for OB trucks, and any weight saved using this means they can add extra cameras or other gear,” Peters added. The VDM23OLT cable costs a little bit more, “but it’s negligible. The fuel savings alone means it pays for itself very quickly.”

The cable is also said to outperform the standard cable for 3G applications, although its optimisation renders it unsuitable for analogue video.

Gepco has also developed a new SMPTE Fibre Tester for SMPTE 304 hybrid fibre, which will test both the optics and electrical elements. “If you have broken cable it will tell you how far out it is and will also tell you if your electrics are reversed.” – David Fox

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