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LightSpace adds probes and features

26 August 2010
LightSpace adds probes and features

UK specialist digital film consultancy Light Illusion has added new probe interface and features to its LightSpace Colour Management System (CMS).

The latest probe to be added to LightSpace CMS is the renowned Minolta CS-200 ChromaMeter, which is capable of measuring luminance and chromaticity of display products as diverse as plasma displays, CRT, LCD and LED monitors, to digital projection screens.

The Minolta CS-200 probe joins an ever growing list of LightSpace CMS supported devices, including the X-Rite Hubble, the Klein K-10, Minolta CS-200, and X-Rite EyeOne range of probes, with an interface for the Photo Research PR range of probes, including the PR-655, due to be released shortly.

“The continuing development of Light Illusion’s software tools and services is recognised throughout the industry as being based on real-world experience, providing tools and capabilities directly applicable to industry requirements” said Steve Shaw, CEO of Light Illusion. “The continued development of LightSpace CMS provides advanced calibration capabilities to all users, with full display and film profiling tools, LUT conversion and manipulation, as well as automatic LUT generation options for display matching and calibrated preview setup.”

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