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Lightcraft Tech and Mo-Sys agree

7 June 2010
Lightcraft Tech and Mo-Sys agree

Lightcraft Technology and Mo-Sys have agreed to combine their product offerings in order to provide a full range of virtual production tools for the entertainment industry. The companies have entered into a joint distribution agreement to sell each other’s products as well as their own in their respective regions, thus supplying their customers with a single source for complete optical and encoded tracking and on-set visualisation systems.

Mo-Sys and Lightcraft had independently developed affordable solutions to simplify the tracking and visualisation of complex VFX shots, including green screen compositing, 3D rendering, and complex camera moves.

In addition to its own 3D Inserter product, Mo-Sys will now distribute Lightcraft’s Previzion system in Europe (EEMA), while Lightcraft will distribute the Mo-Sys 3D Inserter, Motion Logger, and the full range of Mo-Sys encoded camera heads and cranes in the Americas.

Lightcraft Technology builds the Previzion virtual studio system, which combines realtime photorealistic 3D rendering, keying, lens tracking, compositing, metadata recording, and camera tracking. Previzion’s camera tracking works with either the inertial/optical combination of Lightcraft’s Airtrack precision gyro and Intersense’s IS1200, or with Mo-Sys encoded camera supports.

Mo-Sys provides a range of virtual production products, including: a complete line of encoded camera jibs, remote heads, and pan/tilt heads; the Mo-Sys Motion Logger, for recording camera moves on the Mo-Sys tracking network; and the Mo-Sys 3D Inserter, for fast, flexible, live pre-visualization and data logging of camera moves on the Mo-Sys tracking Network on the virtual set.

Eliot Mack, CEO of Lightcraft Technology, said: “It is rare to find a company to work with that has Mo-Sys’ combination of technical expertise, vision, and innovation. We are excited about the potential that this relationship will provide us and our customers as we expand the use of virtual production tools worldwide.”

Equally Mo-Sys’s CEO, Michael Geissler, is looking forward to working closer with Lightcraft. He commented: “We are impressed with the competence and innovative spirit at Lightcraft. The collaboration brings together a unique and powerful complimentary chain of tools for next generation filmmaking and ensures both stay at the forefront of developments to come.”

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