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Light Illusion is simply The Look for Soho facility

6 July 2011

Eminent Soho boutique finishing facility The Look has opted to use LightSpace CMS – Light Illusion’s colour and LUT management system that enables display calibration, 3D LUT control and image look management – for facility-wide colour management control.

The system has been specified to satisfy the growing demand for accurate calibration through as the facility, as well as extending into associated operations and workflows, including VFX, editorial and on-set look management.

Thomas Urbye, MD of The Look, commented: “Accurate colour management has become increasingly critical as display technology has continued to move away from traditional CRT monitors, to LCDs, with varying backlight technology, digital projection, plasmas and more. Additionally, the growth in digital image capture has brought with it a need for better colour management throughout a project’s entire workflow. With LightSpace CMS from Light Illusion we are able to provide the best possible display calibration control.

“At The Look we don’t just have multiple display types, but multiple creative systems as well, meaning we require accurate calibration combined with full LUT management. LightSpace CMS is the only system to provide such a complete solution.”

Steve Shaw (pictured), CEO of Light Illusion, commented: “Colour calibration is an area Light Illusion has specialised in for some time, and we have developed a range of solutions for the post and production environments, from complete digital facility calibration system, through to support services for film lab profiling, including Stereo 3D calibration.”

The Look has also recently invested in SGO’s Mistika Stereo 3D 2K grading and compositing system.

Exhibiting on SGO/Mistika stand: 6A11

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