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Libec launches new support systems

24 January 2013
Libec launches new support systems

Making its first appearance at BVE is Libec’s new LX10 tripod. The company is also introducing its RSPlus series of tripods and pedestals. With the LX10, Libec has achieved a 100mm ball tripod with a maximum payload of 16kg. The tripod is also 13cm (five inches) taller than its predecessor and yet loses nothing in terms of rigidity. The LX10 is also available with dolly wheels and dual extendable pan handles. A spreader – either floor level or mid-level – with large rubber feet is included with the standard package. LX10 will be available from resellers as of March 2013. The new RSPlus series products deliver balance, stability and smooth functioning under the weight of a fully rigged camera. “With RSPlus, Libec has developed two models which meet a real need by combining all that is best about Japanese manufacturing: class leading reliability and genuinely useful innovation,” commented Nick Allen-Miles, MD of Ianiro Europe, Libec’s regional distributor. “These tripods are big news for directors of photography working in film and TV.” The flagship product of the RSPLUS range is the RHP85 with a 25kg load capacity. It comes equipped with a long sliding plate as well as a standard plate. Its stable mate, RHP75, is a tripod head with a maximum 17kg payload and 30% lighter torque than RHP85. Both are equipped with a 100mm ball head (RHP75/85). New to the RSPLUS range is a balance stabiliser mechanism and smooth balancing system to help achieve pan and tilt counterbalance. These technologies prevent wobble on the image caused by the spring-back effect. Adjustments to the 7-step pan/tilt drag system enable the user to maintain equipment balance, with weights of up-to 20kg on the RSP850 model (14kg with the RSP750). All models will be on the Ianiro stand at BVE 2013.D24

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