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LevelS3D invests in SGO’s Mistika for Mr. Hublot

22 July 2013
LevelS3D invests in SGO’s Mistika for Mr. Hublot

LevelS3D has purchased a Mistika 2K DI and Stereoscopic 3D system from SGO, which has been used for the post production of the 11 minute animated short Mr. Hublot, produced by Zeilt Production and Arte.

SGO’s Mistika post production tool is used for commercials, feature films and broadcast, and provides a 2D and stereoscopic 3D DI and colour grading service. LevelS3D recently opened a fully equipped 2D-4K-S3D post production studio in St.Ouen. Mistika was used at the studio to produce Mr. Hublot which received the Grand Prix S3D Seine-Saint-Denis award in Paris last month.

Loïc Beauvillain, COO of LevelS3D, commented: “We chose Mistika for its unparalleled ability to handle all kinds of video streams in realtime…Mistika is also the most advanced solution for S3D, it gives us every tool we need and fits perfectly with our ambition of becoming Europe’s S3D market leader.”

LevelS3D consists of two suites, Le Ciné and Le Loft. The second suite hosts the Mistika 2K, HD, S3D grading and projection room and is equipped with a Christie projection system. Mistika will be used as a complete post production system and includes tools for editing, conforming, image restoration, compositing, colour grading, multi mastering and DCP for both 3D and 2D.

Regional sales manager at SGO, Jose Luis Acha concluded: “Mistika’s openness, flexibility and ability to integrate seamlessly with other systems, were some of the key factors that made Mistika an attractive option for DI and stereoscopic 3D productivity at LevelS3D. Mistika will enable them to meet the growing and complex demands that both 2D and Stereo 3D productions involve and bring them long term success.”

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