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Level 3 offers Cloud Content Exchange for file transfer

27 January 2014
Level 3 offers Cloud Content Exchange for file transfer

Level 3 Communications has launched a new cloud-based file transfer platform, Cloud Content Exchange. The service simplifies and accelerates the sending of large video and data files and was developed to meet increased demand for transferring content globally from network broadcast and other media companies.

Cloud Content Exchange uses Level 3’s storage platform and global network connectivity to enable companies to exchange content on a global scale via the cloud. The system stores media files in a central, cloud-based library where they can be metatagged, sorted and accessed in real time with rapid upload and download speeds.

Level 3 recognised that although the physical transport of tape or files via courier is becoming slightly anachronistic, production files are often so large that companies struggle to find a viable alternative. Cloud Content Exchange was created specifically for the purpose of transferring very large data files from one location to another, as part of the company’s already existing ecosystem of services.

“People had seen Level three as a telecoms company perhaps dabbling a little bit in content delivery,” said Derek Gough, Level 3’s senior director of product marketing, EMEA, “It was a perception that took quite a few years to change. Now according to some analysts, Level 3 is the second largest CDN, in terms of traffic and revenue, on the planet.”

In creating it’s content delivery and content storage services, Level 3 tried to fit into and augment pre-existing workflows, rather than creating something new. Gough says, “Our goal has always been to try to replicate the experience and workflows of traditional broadcast online. We figured out early on that broadcasters and media companies have very long-established workflows. For several years we’ve been very focused on developing an ecosystem of complementary services.”

Fox Broadcasting Company was the first to beta test Cloud Content Exchange.

“As one of the largest broadcasters in the world, Fox needs the ability to rapidly send and receive media files all over the globe,” said Keith Goldberg, Fox VP of global operations and transmission services. “Level 3 worked side-by-side with us to develop a one-of-a-kind, secure solution that not only allows us to quickly transfer video clips, promos and other content internationally, but also provides extensive cloud storage capacity and a global network – an all-inclusive solution we couldn’t find anywhere else.”

“The daily movement of media files is critical to the operations of media broadcast companies such as Fox, in addition to sports teams and other large enterprises,” said Mark Taylor, VP of media and IP Services at Level 3. “Cloud Content Exchange is a comprehensive, secure media transfer solution that delivers an easy-to-use interface offering access to data anywhere there is an internet connection. This allows customers to realise greater efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and better meet important delivery deadlines.”

 “FOX used Cloud Content Exchange to move uncompressed versions of their content all over the globe,” said Level 3’s Gough, “It’s ultimately part of our converged ecosystem. I think the benefit they find is the unified nature of the solution. That’s why they refer to it as an ‘all-inclusive’ solution. It’s the convenience and simplicity of having all these solutions available all with one vendor, all with one set of processes and tools to manage it.”

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