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LEMO makes the link

25 February 2013
LEMO makes the link

LEMO will be demonstrating four new products at BVE further building on the package of products to support HD camera link systems.

A new lightweight Furukawa 6.4mm diameter HD hybrid fibre cable is available, manufactured to SMPTE format including steel central strength member with reduced power conductors, to provide a tough but light camera cable offering weight savings of about 45% compared to standard SMPTE fibre camera cables. Maximum operating distance is up to 1km depending on the camera system.

The latest Redel T7 connector has been developed to meet the increasing demands of HD triax camera applications with significantly improved performance. Fully compatible and exchangeable with the 1051 Series connector commonly used for triax cameras in Europe, the T7 connector has the additional advantages of better VSWR characteristics and a more secure latching mechanism.

LEMO also offer a high performance HD Triax 11 cable specially manufactured to LEMO specifications to match the transmission properties of the LEMO range of precision triaxial connectors including the new Redel T7 for HD camera applications, with low attenuation and high level EMC screening properties. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, giving HD transmission distances up to 30% longer than standard triax cable.

The cable has a black outer jacket making it less likely to be seen during filming in comparison to red coloured cables, especially in studios, as well as helping to distinguish between standard and HD triax cables. It is also relatively light (for example only 30kg for a 200 metre length) for ease of transportation. Complete cable assemblies are available to order including boots and gaiters as required.

Visitors to the show can also see the new LEMO HD Z-Link camera-back, which connects camcorders to SMPTE HD fibre links.


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