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LEDs light up NAB

18 March 2014
LEDs light up NAB

SiliconCore is launching its Common Cathode driven LED display at the NAB Show. The company is also showcasing the Magnolia P1.5mm, a high resolution LED display for broadcast applications.

“SiliconCore has revolutionised the LED display industry by developing a new way to drive the LEDs using the Common Cathode mode, which is a much more efficient design than in previous products,” said Eric Li, CEO of SiliconCore. “Our displays offer brilliant resolutions, super fast refresh rate of over 2000 Hz and viewing angles that enable them to perform even with extreme off axis camera shots. This makes them perfect for broadcast applications. It also ensures that power is not lost to heat, thereby reducing power consumption and increasing the lifespan of the display, resulting in a market leading lower total cost of ownership.”


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