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Lectrosonics IFB systems arrive at Emmerdale

23 July 2012
Lectrosonics IFB systems arrive at Emmerdale

UK Lectrosonics agent Raycom has recently supplied a Lectrosonics IFB system comprising 40 IFB-R1a receivers (pictured) and 8 IFB-T4 transmitters to ProVision in Leeds; part of ITV in the North. These systems will be used on the flagship soap Emmerdale, which is filmed at ITV Leeds and on location at a purpose built outdoor set on the outskirts of Leeds. The Lectrosonics IFB-R1a receiver is housed in a virtually indestructible machined aluminium case. Operation is simply a matter of rotating the knob to turn power on and adjusting the volume level. Additional frequencies are added by holding the knob in until the LED begins blinking and the receiver begins to scan. The receiver will search for signals that contain a pilot tone and automatically stop scanning and wait for the operator to either store that frequency or continue scanning. The receiver operates on a single 9-volt alkaline or lithium battery. Alkaline battery life is up to eight hours. Lithium battery life is well over 20 hours. The LED indicator changes colour from green, to yellow, to red as the battery voltage declines to provide plenty of warning before operation ceases. Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless systems overcome channel noise by digitally encoding the audio in the transmitter and decoding it in the receiver, yet still sending the encoded information via an analogue FM wireless link. This combines the strengths of the two systems; the range and spectrum efficiency of analogue FM and the noise reduction capabilities of digital audio. Danny Howarth, sales and operations manager at ProVision said; “We’ve carried Lectrosonics in the rental fleet for many years now. Again, after exhaustive testing on location and in studio the T4s and IFBs were the natural choice due their superior audio quality, reliability and durability" Raycom MD Pyers Easton added; “We are delighted that ProVision and ITV have chosen the Lectrosonics IFB system for the very demanding and prestigious Emmerdale production. If any system can handle the demands of life on the farm it’s Lectro!”


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