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LDX cameras in BVE demos

25 February 2013
LDX cameras in BVE demos

Grass Valley will have its latest camera range – the LDX Series – at BVE, with live demonstrations taking place daily at noon in the Live Demo theatre. Detailed will be the latest trends in imaging technology for live production using the Xensium-FT CMOS imager, 3G/1080p camera transmission, and the business and operational benefits of being able to upgrade the camera’s production formats. LDX Series cameras are based on CMOS imagers – which are more like integrated circuits. While CMOS is used in everything from mobile phones to DSLR cameras, its major obstacle for broadcast use is what’s called ‘rolling shutter.’ With its deep understanding of imaging, Grass Valley has eliminated the rolling shutter problem with global shutter behaviour (similar to CCDs) and integrated multiple A/D converters, timing, and read-out circuits on the CMOS chip itself, delivering better power and heat performance. All the models – LDX Première, LDX Elite, and LDX WorldCam – have exactly the same hardware out of the box. It’s the software that controls the acquisition formats of each camera. By upgrading the software, production format flexibility is increased, with the ability to start with LDX Première (1080i/720p) upgrade to LDX Elite (adding 1080PsF) and further upgrading to LDX WorldCam (adding 1080p).

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