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Lawo ventures into video

17 September 2012
Lawo ventures into video

The manufacturer of the mc2 console series has long been one of the audio world’s most powerful players. Now, in 2012, Lawo is venturing into the video world with the introduction of the V_pro 8 processor.

A key IBC focus for Lawo, the V_pro 8 is said to offer high quality cross-format conversion, colour correction and embedding/de-embedding. Modern high-density audio connections such as Ravenna and MADI provide video-to-audio bridges within the studio infrastructure, while a modern GUI based on HTML5 provides an interface for straightforward day-to-day work.

The core concept sees eight high quality 3G SDI de-embedders and the same number of embedders looped into the eight video signals according to requirements. This enables any number of audio signals to be used from the video material, while new audio signals can be embedded into the video signal.

Lawo senior product manager Felix Krückels (pictured) remarked that there had been a “very positive” response to the German company’s debut video item, adding that he expected “in the region of 200 sales” by the end of 2013. – David Davies

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