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Lawo mc²66 produces The Voice of Germany

7 March 2012

Studio Berlin’s sound engineers produced the recently finished first season of The Voice of Germany on a Lawo mc²66 console. Both system administrator Uwe Herrmuth and sound engineer Lars Bieber prepared very carefully for every individual show: First, the communication paths to the control room, editor’s office, and production had to be set up, followed by the placement of stageboxes and microphones. Effects had to be selected separately for every vocalist and were then saved as a snapshot in the mc²66.  “Since the run of the show varied from one week to the next, we also had to adapt the GUI layout constantly. Both the snapshots and the ability to copy DSP values from the compressor and the EQ were a great help during the setup of effects,” explained Bieber. Uwe Herrmuth added: “Organising the signals and the signal exchange — for instance, between the FOH and the monitoring position as well as the setup of intercom modules — was a challenging task.” Studio Berlin has used Lawo consoles since 2002. According to Herrmuth, one of the major points in favour of using Lawo was “the fact that Lawo does not sell off-the-shelf consoles, but rather a product that is largely adapted to the specific requirements of the customer.” In those cases when Lawo’s service department is required, any question or concern is processed quickly and efficiently. “All these factors make the decision to continue using Lawo products for our future investments very easy for us at Studio Berlin,” concluded Herrmuth.


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