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Latens joins IMPALA

4 August 2009

Latens has indicated its support for MHEG-5 by becoming the latest company to join the International MHEG Promotion Alliance (IMPALA).

Latens is the latest in a multitude of companies to sign up in support of the public standards-based iTV middleware. Other companies who have recently joined include: Eight Ltd, Fortec Star, Mstar Semiconductor, Shenzhen Coship, Shenzhen Jiuzhou Electric, Shenzhen State Micro Technology, Sidsa, Sichaun Changhong, The Do Lab, Tmira and User Vision.

Alex Borland, director of business development with Latens, said: “Latens is an active supporter of open standards technology and the associated benefits for both TV operators and viewers. MHEG-5 is a true business enabler and the future opportunities for application development through widespread adoption of MHEG creates a scale of opportunities in certain markets that we are keen to support.”

Latens highlights the increasingly competitive nature of media markets where operators are under more pressure than ever to increase ARPU and reduce costs. Borland added: “One of the main commercial benefits of MHEG-5 is its complete cost-effectiveness in delivering high levels of TV interactivity, allowing operators to offer a whole host of compelling new revenue generating services using genuine open standards technology. This keeps both deployment and running costs low. The scalability and flexibility of MHEG-5 means that its capabilities are constantly expanding and evolving to meet ever changing consumer demands, and Latens will be aligning itself to technology that has already been proven in the market.”

Giri Valliappan, director of market development with IMPALA, said: “MHEG continues to go from strength to strength and that is reflected in IMPALA’s growing membership base. MHEG is increasingly gaining interest from pay-TV operators and we are keen on working with conditional access providers to strengthen our interactive proposition. We are very pleased to welcome Latens onboard alongside all the other companies that have joined in the past few months.”

The founder members of IMPALA are Strategy & Technology (S&T), Cabot Communications and Echostar Europe.

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