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Late Late Show goes digital with Calrec

29 March 2007

Calrec Audio has had two high-profile successes recently; Ireland’s RTE installing an Alpha with Bluefin console to work on the phenomenally long-lived ‘Late Late Show’ and 021 Television also using Calrec kit in two new OB trucks. The world’s longest running chat show, now in its 45th year, has gone digital with Calrec Audio as Ireland’s national broadcaster RTE is using an Alpha with Bluefin console to broadcast the ‘Late Late Show’, writes Fergal Ringrose.

Installed in Studio 4 in Dublin, the 80 fader console provides audio for the weekly two and a half hour live show as well a host of other live. Studio 4 is also the base for RTE’s election coverage and any big one-off event programming.

The Alpha is RTE’s fourth Calrec digital console in as many years. RTE also operate three 32 fader Sigmas; one in studio 3, one in studio 6 and one in studio 8.

“Having used three Sigma consoles over the last four years, we knew how well Calrec desks worked on current affairs, news and sports programming,” said RTE’s Senior Sound Supervisor, Ian Pike. “The desk set-up, mix-minus and GPIO interfaces have all proved particularly useful in day to day operation.

“The purchase of our first Alpha with Bluefin last August was our first opportunity to go digital on variety programmes. A very tight installation schedule meant we had to hit the ground running for the new season of the ‘Late Late Show’ and ‘Tubridy Live’. “The sound of the console, as you would except from Calrec, is excellent. But the free configurability of the Bluefin channel inputs makes life much simpler in that there are just so many. Features like the memory set-ups, VCA grouping and having the TFT screens configured to see every single input and output has made our jobs so much easier.”

The ‘Late Late Show’ is now in its 45th year. Currently presented by Pat Kenny it is the most watched programme in Ireland and commands over 60% of the available audience. It is a mix of variety and current affairs, and has a complex set-up with the audience making contributions to many of the aired subjects.

Meanwhile, Birmingham based OB specialist 021 Television has teamed up with Calrec for two brand new HD units with the purchase of Alpha with Bluefin and Sigma with Bluefin consoles.

Launched in January 2007, Unit 8 is a double expander and features a 60 fader Alpha with Bluefin console. A 60 fader Sigma with Bluefin console will feature in Unit 7, a brand new single expander unit. Both trucks compliment 021’s current roster of five scanners, four of which contain Calrec S2 analogue consoles.

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