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Larry Kaplan steps down from Harmonic

20 November 2012
Larry Kaplan steps down from Harmonic

TVBEurope has received a note from Larry Kaplan to say that he is leaving Harmonic: "I wanted to let you know that at the end of November 2012, I am officially leaving Harmonic. My work here is done, but I’m very proud of the accomplishments we’ve made over the years at Omneon and as part of Harmonic. As you know, we developed some truly groundbreaking technologies that have helped to move the industry forward. It took a real team effort to make it happen, and the industry trade press was a big part of helping us to succeed. From the beginning, you listened to us and helped spread the message about what we were doing, and I truly appreciate all the support you have given us over these past 14 years. "Though I’m leaving my official capacity with Harmonic, I’m not really going anywhere; I’ll continue a relationship with the company on an advisory basis, assisting with both customer engagements and on product strategy topics. You’ll probably even see me at NAB, and I look forward to it."

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