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Landmark airtime sales for RTL Hungary

9 March 2006

R-Time Sales & Marketing, the airtime sales subsidiary of RTL Klub in Hungary, has purchased the Harris Landmark II airtime sales system, marking the first implementation of the system in Central Europe.

R-Time and RTL Klub are associated with RTL Group, the Luxembourg-based media group which operates 34 television and 30 radio stations in 11 countries, including Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, Luxembourg, Spain, Hungary, Portugal and Croatia. RTL Group also is a global content provider, owning production and rights companies in more than 40 counties Landmark II is a software solution for the management and execution of complex airtime campaigns that enables R-Time to take advantage of station average pricing (SAP), the cost-per-thousand method of trading commercial airtime most commonly used in the UK.

Landmark II will deliver precise advertising campaign delivery against ratings data, thus offering R-Time clients an improved vehicle for reaching their target audiences. R-Time clients include RTL Klub, Cool TV, Cartoon Network, Film+, Sport1 and Sport2, A+, Hálózat TV and, most recently, The Discovery Channel.

"Hungary joined the European Union in 2004 and our television advertising market has grown rapidly in recent years," said R-Time Managing Director Steve Varcoe. "As a result, our airtime sales market has become far more complex, and will become even more so with the impending rollout of digital cable and IPTV services. The optimisation functionality of Landmark II will give us a competitive edge going forward."


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