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L2Tek adds UHD connectors to its portfolio

6 June 2013
L2Tek adds UHD connectors to its portfolio

L2Tek, distributor of components and sub-assemblies for professional video and high-speed communications systems, has announced availability of connectors that meet the high 6GHz video-transmission speeds required for the latest Ultra HDTV standard.

The new UHDTV standard offers a picture that is four times sharper than traditional full high-definition TV. Although primarily targeting broadcast applications, L2Tek’s connectors are also suitable for implementation in machine-vision applications that high require high-speed video data transmission such as in industrial robotics systems.

The UHD 1.0/2.3 RF coaxial cable connector range has been designed and manufactured by Cambridge Connectors and meets the demands of broadcast networking equipment, such as switches and routers designed to enable high-speed single-link UHD video transport.

Meeting the SMPTE 424M standard, the high-density connectors have a pitch of 8mm, meaning up to twice as many can be installed compared to traditional BNC type devices. The secure latching mechanism is compatible with standard 1.0/2.3 connectors and offers a high connection integrity via a push/pull operation, meaning the device is suitable for applications requiring a high wiring density and secure connection.

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