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L-S-B with VSM at BVE

21 February 2014
L-S-B with VSM at BVE

L-S-B Broadcast Technologies will be showing off its VSM broadcast control and monitoring system at BVE. The manufacturer will demonstrate how the system works and explain its basic capabilities and the newly established UK distribution team will be at the stand to introduce themselves.

The VSM system is manufacturer-independent and its system structure facilitates the integration of a range of processes for production and broadcasting. Its main application areas in the fields of television and radio are studio environments, master control rooms (MCRs), mobile production and remote production environments. In an operational environment, control and monitoring is achieved through individually configured GUIs that also represent streams in real time.

AT BVE, the L-S-B stand will simulate a MCR environment with two studios and demonstrate aspects of VSMs use in practice. In addition there will be a representation of a virtual studio that can be used as a rehearsal studio.

In the MCR environment the VSM manages the OnAir and rehearsal requests and monitors the signals and devices. The third studio is conceived of as a virtual resource and in this case it serves as a planning studio in which the workflows are created and tested. The VSM’s boxing function will enable these workflows to be transferred to any other studios on the BVE stand.

In normal operation the ‘boxing’ function is capable of storing hardware and software configurations of complete studio and production units as a single entity for retrieval with the press of a single button. In a production environment this enables every available studio to be used as a back-up studio – even when the hardware installed is different. ‘Boxing’ is therefore the ultimate solution in cases of system failure or recovery. With this function, for example, it is possible to prepare productions in studios that happen to be available at the time, while the actual production can take place subsequently in another studio. It only takes the press of a button to transfer the settings from one studio to the other.

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