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KVM experience comes to London

7 February 2013
KVM experience comes to London

The new ControlCenter-Digital system supports the concept of flexibility. A state of the art KVM matrix must be able to quickly adapt to the individual needs of different situations. The Control Center-Digital provides adaptability and flexibility in varying conditions. In addition to classical KVM signals, the ControlCenter-Digital system extends and switches high-speed USB 2.0, RS232 and bidirectional audio. When working on different computers, users need to be able to include different video sources and at least one full HD resolution. Further video types such as VGA, DVI single and dual link as well as DisplayPort and multi video applications extend G&D’s product range. It’s also important that different types of cables can be used together. Within an office building CAT cables transmit distances up to 300 metres between computers and users. But for bridging distances up to several kilometres fibre optics are the only option. All of G&D’s matrix switches can be cascaded to up to three levels. Now if more computers need to be connected, the system can be expanded with another matrix switch and further pieces of hardware. When fully cascaded, the ControlCenter-Digital offers over 4,000 ports to connect computers or user modules. This is a size that should claim “growth” in the truest sense of the word.B22

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