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Keynotes take industry temperature

5 July 2010
Keynotes take industry temperature

The IBC Conference helps shape the industry agenda for the following year, and this year’s keynotes promise to provide fascinating insights into the issues that really matter.

The opening plenary session of the IBC2010 Conference ‘Does public service broadcasting have a future?’, will feature an address by Sir Michael Lyons (pictured), the chairman of the BBC Trust. Where does public service broadcasting (PSB) fit in an increasingly online and on-demand environment. Is the national and cultural role of the PSB sufficient to protect its privileged position in today’s highly competitive and commercially cut-throat world? Lyons’ presentation will kickstart the debate.

Friday 10 September will see the Conference host a hard-hitting keynote session titled ‘New routes to funding original content’. Sure to be a big draw the session will see Mike Darcey, chief operating officer, BSkyB; Linda Jensen, chief executive, HBO Central Europe; and Gerhard Zeiler, chief executive officer, RTL, debate and examine the various funding models on offer for broadcasters and programme-makers looking to produce high-quality original content in the new economic landscape.

To see the full list of keynotes and the rest of the Conference program, please click here.

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