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Keynotes from around the world

27 August 2010
Keynotes from around the world

IBC is privileged to host some of the leading industry figures from around the world who will be delivering keynotes on the pressing topics that really matter to the electronic entertainment industry. Nothing demonstrates this better than the opening Conference Keynote on Thursday 9, Does Public Service Broadcasting have a future?, which has a truly international, high-powered line-up. Keynoted by Sir Michael Lyons, Chairman of the BBC Trust, other speakers in the session include: Vincent Curren, executive vice president & chief operating officer, CPB, Ingrid Deltenre, director general of the EBU; and Yoshinori Imai, vice president, NHK.

IBC2010’s keynote speakers also range across the industry, giving the conference multidisciplinary depth to go with its global spread. Speakers at the Convention keynote, New routes to funding original content, include: Mike Darcey, chief operating officer, BSkyB; Linda Jensen, chief executive, HBO Central Europe; and Gerhard Zeiler, chief executive officer, RTL. The 3D Day keynote, Capturing stereoscopic images for live broadcast, will be delivered by Steve Schklair, founder & chief executive officer, 3Ality Digital – one of the most influential pioneers of the new wave of stereoscopic 3D. And Kent Novak, senior vice president at Texas Instruments, will deliver the technology keynote, Bigger, better, faster – can technology deliver?.

And special mention for Manolo Romero, managing director, Olympic Broadcasting Services, who is the winner of this year’s International Honour for Excellence, and will deliver the Sports day keynote: Olympics Games coverage – past, present & future on Saturday.

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