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Kayak makes European debut

3 September 2012
Kayak makes European debut

The new Kayak workflow platform from Digital Rapids has been developed to enable media organisations to design, deploy and manage customised workflows for the expanding multi-screen media landscape.

“Unlike workflow approaches that simply orchestrate between separate applications across multiple workflow stages, Kayak is built on a philosophy of fine-grained modularity with technologies as components, from media-specific functions to business-oriented functionality. This approach is designed to provide greater control and efficiency while making integrating new or emerging technologies faster and easier for our customers,” said Brick Eksten, president and CEO of Digital Rapids.

Components includes Digital Rapids technology and third-party tools. This open, component-based approach, Digital Rapids believes, not only offers flexibility to customise workflows, but also provide control over technology costs and provisioning, as users deploy only precisely the technologies they actually need for their specific workflows.

Kayak is available as a workflow design and development platform for systems integrators, software developers and customers, and is also ‘under-the hood’ of Digital Rapids’ newest systems for end-user applications, including version 2.0 of the Digital Rapids Transcode Manager media processing software and the StreamZ Live Broadcast integrated broadcast/multi-screen live encoder.

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