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Katabatic Digital launches storage, runtime calculator

3 November 2011
Katabatic Digital launches storage, runtime calculator

Created by Katabatic Digital (NYC) founder Emery Wells, the new KataData storage and runtime calculator is an iPhone app for on-set, post production, and non-technical positions.

With the plethora of digital cameras and formats hitting the market, Wells developed the KataData app to alleviate the pain inherent in data planning and management for post artists, lab technicians and clients. KataData is now available to the broad spectrum of filmmakers and post-production facilities at the iPhone App Store for $4.99.

KataData was built for filmmakers and post artists, supporting an extensive list of cameras such as RED 4K and 5K Epic, Phantom, ARRI Alexa and Canon DSLR, as well as a wide range of codecs, including DPX, Open EXR, DNxHD and ProRes.

Users need only enter the amount of footage they have by file size (MB, GB, or TB), and KataData will calculate the runtime or storage. It is also possible to enter multiple calculations and add them together.

“For today’s apps, an intuitive user interface is a must-have, so we’ve built in some cool features like swipe gestures to convert units and time code, and for RED camera users it’s also easy to calculate stereo and HDRx options,” said Wells. “We’ll continue to add more features based on user feedback. If market demand is there, we’ll build it.”

For a demo, go to:

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