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Kaplan launches SDVI to boost IT workflows in media facilities

16 January 2013
Kaplan launches SDVI to boost IT workflows in media facilities

SDVI Corporation, a new IT-based software supplier to the media and entertainment industry, was launched this week by former Omneon CEO Larry Kaplan.  SDVI says trends such as Software Defined Networking (SDNs) and cloud services have created new opportunities for efficiency gains in media facilities. The company is working with beta customers during product development and is planning to introduce initial products and services at IBC2013. In making the company announcement Kaplan said, “In the near future (and to a much greater extent than possible today) media facility functionality will be defined in software, mirroring the broader trends in the IT industry towards software defined data centers. SDVI will combine these technological shifts with intimate knowledge of media workflows, to provide revolutionary solutions to content owners, distributors and media facilities. “Over the years, organisations involved with creating, producing, managing and monetising content have become increasingly embroiled in an arms race of building and maintaining technical facilities to support their services, when their ultimate desire is to focus their resources on their core business of creating and monetising content. SDVI will help them to do this.”

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