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KANDOR Graphics centralises Mistika

1 August 2012
KANDOR Graphics centralises Mistika

Spanish CG animation production studio KANDOR Graphics has invested in an SGO Mistika post production system. The company chose Mistika to support animation feature films in 2D and Stereo 3D. KANDOR Graphics is currently using Mistika for a new Stereo 3D CGI feature film production titled Justin and the Knights of Valour. Antonio Banderas is a company partner, as well as producer and voice of one of the characters of the new production. Director of KANDOR Graphics, Juan Molina said, “Mistika will be our pipeline’s backbone, in a way that we will be able to conform daily, regardless of the production status of each shot.” He continued, “The fact that we now have a system at our facility that can handle its own colour correction and Stereo 3D, conforming, finishing, DCP creation and even compositing, has made us choose Mistika to be at the centre our projects. Furthermore, SGO’s immediate after sales support and the access we are given to the development team at SGO, are factors we really appreciate.” Javier Fernández, director of photography at KANDOR added, "As a studio, Mistika’s capabilities have allowed us to reach unprecedented independence levels, opening a whole new world of creative possibilities." “SGO is proud to be associated with KANDOR Graphics and we are delighted that they have invested in Mistika technology. KANDOR is achieving tremendous success and has been able to position itself well due to their quality story-telling ability, combined with artistic and technical expertise and flair, which is quickly making it one of Europe’s world-class leading animation production companies.” states Jose Luis Acha, regional sales manager at SGO.


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