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Kamerawerk employs FT-ONE 4K slo-mo

14 March 2013
Kamerawerk employs FT-ONE 4K slo-mo

Swiss production house Kamerawerk has been operating the FOR-A FT-ONE, which the manufacturer claims is the world’s first full 4K variable frame-rate camera. The FT-ONE was used on the shoot of Bubble Beatz’ latest music video No Sleep 4K. The results were immediately checked on the studio floor, viewed on a 56-inch 4K picture monitor from TVLogic. The camera captured the live 4K action at up to 860 frames per second, recording the raw picture data to the camera’s internal 9.4-second RAM. This data was then transferred to the FT-ONR2T SSD cartridge. Mr Tomita, chief engineer of FT-ONE Development said, “We were delighted to take part in Kamerawerk’s 4K production and shoot the slow-motion sequences. This is exactly what the FT-ONE was made for. Like us, they are always expanding the boundaries of what can be achieved with the latest technology, and creating excellent results.” Nicolas H. Sieber, producer & director at Kamerawerk reported, "The FT-ONE added 4K slo-mo shots for key story elements of the video as well as impressive hero shots of the artists. The workflow on set was easy and fast paced since each shot could be instantly reviewed in 4K after the recording, and even later on after it was transferred to the camera’s SSD cartridges. The final 16-bit DPX files which were converted from the RAW material are of outstanding image quality and offer great latitude for colour grading." The No Sleep 4K project was initiated by Kamerawerk as a response to trends in 4K and HFR production. Due to its involvement in previous cutting-edge productions, such as high-speed 3D as well as 3D HFR for the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Kamerawerk was once again able to secure the support of the EBU and many other industry players for the project. The finished product will be made available both as a free download to consumers with a high-resolution display, and as showcase content for project partners, with a first version available at NAB. Aside from the footage for the No Sleep 4K video, additional test material was produced to enhance the EBU’s library of Beyond HD test sequences.

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