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Kaltura drives

7 January 2015
Kaltura drives has chosen Kaltura to power video on the site. is leveraging the Kaltura HTML5 video player and mobile advertising tools to reach its audience on any device. is the largest film website in Germany, with more than 22 million film reviews, 600,000 short reviews and information about 75,000 videos.

“Video and advertising are at the core of our business,” said Stefan Tieß, product manager for video and mobile at webedia Germany. “As mobile video continues to grow at a staggering rate, it was clear to us that that HTML5 shouldn’t be just a fallback option, but the core of the player, so we began to look for a more forward-looking, innovative video solution that excelled at delivering video and video ads seamlessly on any device. In Kaltura we found a fast and beautiful player that is not only truly mobile at heart but still gave us a vast choice in customization, both in functionality and infrastructure. Only with Kaltura we had a perfect out of the box solution for our mobile and desktop needs, where other competitors relied on external plugins – making Kaltura the fastest, most stable and most powerful player on the market. Kaltura also best matched our own company spirit – being a highly professional market leader while maintaining the agility and enthusiasm for innovation of a start-up.”

The content on is derived from a global network of bloggers, film journalists and fans. The site gets more than 15 million visits a month, has more than 2 million fans on Facebook and 500,000 subscribers combined on ten YouTube channels, the company claims.

Tieß continued: “The results speak for themselves: in the week after our launch with Kaltura, our weekly mobile video plays took a huge leap and exceeded our desktop plays for the first time in company history.”

Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura chairman and CEO (pictured), added: “We are delighted to have been selected to power video for, such a leader and pioneer in Germany. We are seeing more and more companies migrating off of closed-box video platforms, and seeing the value of Kaltura’s flexible video cloud platform, which allows them to grow and evolve easily as this rapidly growing market develops.”

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