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JVC’s new ProHD camcorder

3 May 2006

JVC has expanded its ProHD family line of products with the introduction of the 60p capable GY-HD200U.

Targeted at independent filmmakers and stringers, the HD camcorder carries the "Compact-Shoulder" form factor popularised by the GY-HD100U, and is capable of HDV720/60p true progressive image acquisition due to the implementation of JVC’s new Super Encoder developed for the latest line of ProHD products.

As the company is quick to point out, 60p provides 60 full frames of information per second, which makes it excellent for viewing and analysing motion as well as for delivering an overcranked recording for good slo-mo when the final output is 24p. The GY-HD200U utilises all of the accessories currently available for the GY-HD100U, including the new 1/3" mount HD lenses being introduced at NAB 2006.

To further enhance the ability to utilise multiple types of lenses, JVC has also created an exclusive optional lens adapter – HZ-CA13U – specifically designed for the 1/3" bayonet mount of JVC ProHD camcorders which enables the use of 16mm film prime lenses with a PL (Positive Lock). The GY-HD200 is also capable of inverting the image from a prime lens so that special editing functionality is not required for correct recording of the image.

The suggested list price for the GY-HD200U is $7,995.00, with delivery on both products expected to begin in October 2006.


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