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JVC brings post functionality to 2D-3D

26 April 2011
JVC brings post functionality to 2D-3D

JVC is to bring negative parallax functionality to its 2D-3D conversion tool on the understanding that there is a demand for greater flexibility of its box in post production situations.
 “We are in development on a number of new innovations specifically for the post production market that can further assist with depth management,” says Kris Hill, JVC’s 3D product specialist.
 Existing realtime 2D-3D conversion processors, such as JVC’s £17,000 IF-2D3D1, are able to output positive (behind the screen plane) parallax in real time, with no delay, creating an immersive effect. While these tools were intended primarily for live conversion, JVC says its product is being increasingly used in post production where up to 80% of a conversion pass for a shot can be automated with full parallax and 3D intensity control.
 The IF-2D3D1 will output either full-frame left and full-frame right eye images from the original 2D HD source material with depth, or a single frame output, such as side-by-side, above and below and checkerboard.
 “When repurposing in post, everyone wants to be working on full-frame left eye and full-frame right eye, that is synced and colour matched,” explains Hill. “Right now, this is what we’re able to output with positive parallax. With developments from NLE software companies and the increasing skillset within the 3D community, you can further manipulate the content, even creating negative parallax (pop out). It is this additional process and skill that makes the finished product. This is what broadcasters need to understand if they plan to use any converted video.”
 Hill believes that products like JVC’s 2D-3D processor are misunderstood as being designed to replace true acquisition.
 “It is a tool to complement 3D production,” he stresses. “The problem is that there are a lot of claims made for 2D-3D software which don’t hold up in reality and give conversion a bad name.”

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