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Just record, just slo-mo and just.Replay

1 November 2011
Just record, just slo-mo and just.Replay

LGZ Broadcasting Technologies, Sweden, has developed a new simplified, Linux-based, four-channel HD and slow motion replay server called just.Replay, writes David Fox.

It is claimed to have an intuitive all-in-one user interface, which includes a multiviewer and controller, and to reduce the time and costs for setup, training and operating.

"It takes only ten minutes to learn all there is to know about it and it has a specially developed and intuitive interface that lets anyone operate with ease. It constantly records everything that comes into it and can at anytime playback audio/video from any point in time. It can therefore double as a VTR or playback device where highlights or playlists can be created in mere seconds thanks to its unique graphical interface," according to Broadcast Solutions, which is handling its sale and hire. "The server comes delivered with everything you need to plug and play within five minutes."

The 4RU unit has three HD-SDI inputs (with an output loop), a HD-SDI PGM output, four-channel embedded audio, 1920×1080 DVI-D multiviewer output, an LGZ USB controller with T-bar, jog control and soft-touch-buttons, and 650-Watt power supply (100-240v AC). It can record up to 35 hours of HD video (as either 720p/50 or 1080i/50) using a solid-state disk or SATA disks.

Broadcast Solutions has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with LGZ, and will be responsible for all sales for LGZ products, starting with just.Replay.

"With Broadcast Solutions we now have a strong partner with many years of experience in systems integration and product distribution, and of course a worldwide network," said Joachim Koitsalu, LGZ’s CEO.

"For our product sales the just.Replay server is a good addition to the products of ProSat Solutions and Ericsson," added Broadcast Solutions’ CEO, Stefan Breder. "Until now our focus was the strength in the product range of SatCom distribution, with the just.Replay servers we now have a product with which we can serve an even wider market."


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