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John Lennon Educational Bus uses LiveU for streaming

27 November 2013
John Lennon Educational Bus uses LiveU for streaming

The non-profit John Lennon Educational Tour Bus has chosen LiveU to deliver live stream productions known as @lennonbus. The shows are being streamed live using LiveU’s beltclip LU40-S cellular transmission technology as well as its backpack LU70 to deliver live content.

The Bus is a professional audio and HD video recording and production facility aiming to provide young people with access to state-of-the-art production studios. The Bus chose LiveU to help broaden its streaming possibilities. Jeff Sobel, chief engineer with the John Lennon Bus said, “In the United States our bus is equipped with a roof-mounted satellite dish. While the dish is excellent technology, we found that we frequently wanted to produce live streams from locations away from the bus: outdoor concerts, events inside schools or conferences, or moving from location to location. LiveU allows us to live stream from more locations, and cover different types of events than we have had open to us before.”

The LiveU technology has already been used to present live streams featuring Yoko Ono and recording artist Adel Tawil in Berlin, as well as a series of music education forums in association with the NAMM Foundation.

Ronen Artman, LiveU’s VP marketing, commented, “It’s a genuine pleasure to be involved in such an inspiring and philanthropic venture. Our technology is designed to provide mobility and ease of deployment which we’re pleased to see the John Lennon Bus taking advantage of. We hope that it helps inspire creativity across the U.S. and Europe.”

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