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JLCooper launches Eclipse controller

7 September 2012
JLCooper launches Eclipse controller

JLCooper is turning up the lights on its new top of the line motorised fader controller, Eclipse MXL, which features eight touch-sensitive, 100mm motorised faders and high-res backlit LCD display buttons. The LCD buttons can display channel labels, colour-coded track arming status and other information with 64 colours and up to 32 characters of text and graphics. Optional USB, 10/100 Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-422 interface cards provide connections to host systems. The company has an established Developer Program to provide SDKs, protocol documents and engineering support, as its products can be customised. JLCooper builds control, interfacing and automation products used in markets including broadcast television and radio, video production and post production, and audio recording. – Michael Burns6.B23

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