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JCA brings Trainspotting to HD

5 November 2012
JCA brings Trainspotting to HD

Film4 and Finishing Post Productions chose JCA to digitally restore Trainspotting, Director Danny Boyle’s British cult classic. Working from the original negatives shot in 1995, JCA scanned the film at 2k resolution using infrared dirt maps to create a restoration bed. These maps were then carefully applied to protect the integrity of the original image. The JCA restoration team then utilised multiple software-based restoration tools to achieve the clean master and then applied Cinnafilm Dark Energy to treat the grain structure and image. Heavy with optical effects, Trainspotting required hands-on attention to detail to repair. The film also required stabilisation throughout as the negatives had joins which created movement. Jason Tufano, MD at Finishing Post Productions, commented: “We have really raised the qualitative threshold in feature film restoration. By working closely with Ray King and his team we have refined a system, which gives outstanding results every time and on budget. Trust and customer service are essential to get these deliveries just right and I’m delighted with the end product and JCA’s team.” Matt Bowman, commercial director at JCA, added: “We were excited to work on such an iconic project as Trainspotting. Although only filmed in 1995, the cult classic was a perfect fit for digital restoration. We actually had to reject the second-generation 35mm IP as the grain was too poor. Working from the original negatives was certainly a challenge, but we were able to turn it around in two weeks to produce a true HD master, so audiences can now enjoy this film on the small screen in an unforeseen quality.”

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