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Japan’s Imagica buys Pablo Rio for 4K + HFR

21 January 2014
Japan’s Imagica buys Pablo Rio for 4K + HFR

The largest Japanese post production company, Imagica, has invested in a Quantel Pablo Rio and Neo Nano colour panel for 4K and high frame rate editing, colour correction and finishing.  

“When we first saw a demo of Pablo Rio 4K at NAB 2013, we were immediately impressed with its power. Its open architecture also means that Pablo Rio will be able to take advantage of new GPU and I/O card technology developments as they come along,” said Akihiro Seino, Imagica’s chief researcher.

“We are doing increasing amounts of work at 4K 60p, and the ease with which Pablo Rio handles this in real time is a major benefit to us. We’re also already looking forward to taking on 8K projects with Pablo Rio in the future.”

Pablo Rio is Quantel’s high-quality colour and finishing system for 2D and S3D projects. It is capable of handling 4K 60p in realtime and runs on high performance PC hardware that exploits Nvidia Maximus multi-GPU technology to enable true interactivity and maximise productivity.

Imagica was established in 1935 and is based in Shinagawa, Tokyo, where it houses Japan’s most extensive production and post production facilities, providing services for the film, advertising and motion picture industries.

By David Fox

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