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James Cameron to headline IBC

29 August 2011
James Cameron to headline IBC

Director James Cameron and his business partner Vince Pace will deliver a conference session at IBC evangelising 3DTV production methods just as they did at NAB earlier this year.  The CAMERON-PACE Group, which launched at NAB targeting the 3DTV market is looking to secure a base and partnerships in Europe. Cameron will also use the occasion to pitch his belief in high frame rate capture and projection for 3D movies.
 The IBC Conference will round off with a showing of clips from James Cameron’s Titanic 3D which is in the process of being converted frame by frame into 3D for release in 2012. As might be expected stereo 3D is a significant theme at IBC with four sessions dedicated to it on Monday 13 September. These include Stereoscopic 3D: Fixing it in Post, where Walt Disney vice president digital production technology, Howard Lukk, and Group 47 President, Rob Hummel, will argue that, while it is dangerous to leave too much to be sorted out in post, today’s technologies do have remarkable facilities to enhance content. Some of that functionality will be demonstrated and the pros and cons will be discussed by creatives, vendors and post producers. 3D Live at the Big Screen considers what it takes to deliver good live 3D sport, music or theatre including depth budget management and how to avoid dwarfism in the company of 3ality Technica CEO Steve Schklair.   The debate moves on to the challenges that multiple screens add to the 3D production process. If your programme is going to be seen on everything from a tablet to an Imax screen, what fine tuning do you need for each resolution, and how practical is this work?  A panel including Sky’s director of product development Brian Lenz and RealD’s Robert Mayson will suggest best practice on framing, graphics and more in the session: Delivering 3D to Multiple Screens. The final session should provide an intriguing glimpse into the stereoscopic future. Will advanced technology in 3D glasses drive bigger audiences, or can autostereoscopic screens deliver enough quality? Perhaps stereoscopic 3D is just a stepping stone towards holographic projection? Showing on the Saturday night of IBC is Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon which was shot with Pace’s Fusion rigs while also on the bill, alongside Titanic 3D is a showing of Flying Monsters 3D and Sky’s 3D short of the British Royal Wedding. 

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